Workshop: Starting in the Right Place: Where does the story begin? 03/01/2021 – 03/31/2021

Starting in the Right Place: Where does the story begin?

Instructor Name Beth Daniels
Workshop Start Date 03/01/2021
Workshop End Date 03/31/2021
Workshop Hosted By RWA-Contemporary Romance Writers
About the Workshop I have a friend who is a NYT bestselling author. Even after 70 some titles, she still says when she starts writing it is always in the wrong place. She doesn’t get to the point where her story actually begins until Chapter Two. Which means she has to not only kill Chapter One, but make sure anything of importance that did get mentioned in Chapter One shifts to a better location.

The problem is a common one. I wrote the opening scene to the second book in my urban fantasy series three times before my critique group agreed that I’d finally found the right spot to kick things off.

But every wrong spot I spin means I’m narrowing in on the right spot.

How do you know the right spot from the wrong spot though? Ahh, that can be tricky. But there are “flags” to look for that help distinguish the right start from the wrong start.

Help you hit the spot that will snag a reader’s attention – and editors are among the first readers you want to snag, aren’t they?

In four weeks, we’ll pin down what is the best spot to start your story and come up with a template to judge future manuscripts by as well. Under the microscope will be characters’ motivation, identifying backstory and too much backstory, action, and more!

Workshop Platform GroupsIO
Workshop Cost $15 CRW Members / $25 RWA Members / $35 Non-RWA Members
Registration Link

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