Workshop: Self-Publishing Your Regency Romance 03/21/2021 – 04/30/2021

Self-Publishing Your Regency Romance

Instructor Name Kim Lambert
Workshop Start Date 03/21/2021
Workshop End Date 04/30/2021
Workshop Hosted By Regency Fiction Writers (The Beau Monde)
About the Workshop Self-Publishing Your Regency Romance
Kim Lambert
Active Class Dates:
03/21/2021 – 04/30/2021 (6 weeks)
RFW-TBM Members: $40 USD — Non-Members: $50 USD
Registration closes on March 26th, 2021

*** MUST use special member-only coupon code to get member price for this class! ***

The class is designed so that, if you have a finished and mostly edited novel or novella ready, you can work through the steps to prepare it for publication as the class progresses.

The course will walk participants through the concepts, considerations and processes involved in going from finished draft of your novel to having published it yourself.

Topics covered will include: the pros and cons of self-publishing; going wide vs. being exclusive; deciding when to DIY and when to outsource; writing to market, meeting reader expectations, and identifying your sub-sub-sub genre; formatting for paperback and digital; considerations for cover design; creating your author branding apparatus; building teams of beta readers and advance readers; marketing and ad strategies for Regency; the importance of keywords and categories; launching a book; release strategies; and much, much more!

A resource list of tools will also be provided.

Course Format: There will be three to four lessons a week, for six weeks. The class will include written lectures for each section and a live webinar for direct Q&A. There will be pictures including screenshots, and possibly short video demonstrations.

Is the course image heavy: Moderately. There will be screen shots, and there will also likely be some videos, and/or a live webinar or two.

Instructor Biography: Kim Lambert(who writes regency as Arietta Richmond – more than 40 books so far) has published more than 100 books, most her own, but also some non fiction for Australian business people, and also does editing, formatting and cover creation for others as a business. She also provides mentoring services for those who wish to have detailed one-on-one support on launching themselves into publishing.

Kim went the indie/self-publish route from the start, preferring to expand upon her already existing skills rather than enter the never-ending submission roundabout of traditional publishing. She first published a book in 1990, via her family company, when none of it was as easy as it is now! She worked in the IT industry for over 30 years, and when the current self-publishing capability began to be available around 2008, she set herself to apply her graphics, photography, Word and other application skills to this new field.

As the tools for self-publishing have evolved, it has become obvious to her that there are certain approaches which work better for specific genres – and from the research she has done in support of optimizing the publication her own regency novels, and the understanding of others’ uncertainties she has come to, from answering innumerable questions on Facebook and in emails, this course was born.

Workshop Platform Closed forums
Workshop Cost RFW-TBM Members: $40 USD — Non-Members: $50 USD
Registration Link

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