Workshop: AUTHOR-LIFE AUDIT 03/01/2021 – 03/31/2021


Instructor Name Tracee Garner
Workshop Start Date 03/01/2021
Workshop End Date 03/31/2021
Workshop Hosted By Yosemite Romance Writers Chapter of RWA
About the Workshop It’s a brand new year, let’s audit your author career. I know that sounds painful, but if it means more efficiency, more clarity, maybe even more time saving, money saving and better earning strategy, sound good now? In this session, I’ll overview more than 12 areas that you need to take a look at and think about. You’ll answer important questions, create a strategy and get action items for each component of your author life.
The Categories are:
1. Organized Workspace (Is your workspace set up for efficiency, privacy and productivity?)
2. Technology
3. Writing Craft & Tools
4. Your Social Media Platforms
5. An Efficient, Consistent Process for Getting the Words Down
6. A Supply of Inspiration
7. Health and Wellness Routines
8. Self-Care Regimen
9. Your Current Memberships Providing You Opportunities?
10. Your Writing Expenses
11. Your Writing Income
12. Your Estate Plan
13. Creating Additional Income Streams
14. Is it time for Affiliate Income?

There will be questions to think about AND resources to visit, for ALL of these various segments that will help you consider things you haven’t thought of and start to make a plan to leave it (Cause it’s just right) or tweak it. I have a 17+ page workbook and slide deck.

Over your author-life career there are so few people that cover this type of information. You can get a social media or website audit for a fee, but has someone really ever helped you think about your author-life from so many different sections and a more critical standpoint? Probably not. That’s what I wanted to do for my own now 20 year career and so I put this together!

Make a plan, fix it all, move forward.

About Tracee Lydia Garner
Tracee Lydia Garner is a best-selling and award-winning author. She is a dynamic speaker and engaging presenter with a wealth of knowledge and resources. She writes fiction and nonfiction hoping to uplift, inspire as well as educate readers through her talks of hope, love and overcoming adversity. A northern Virginia native, Tracee makes her home in a suburb just outside of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and loves writing, reading and teaching all about marketing and publishing. Tracee was recently elected president of the Washington Romance Writers CC Chapter.

As a person with a disability, Tracee has been an advocate for over twenty years and maintains a day job currently as a case manager in DC at a small nonprofit organization. Tracee Lydia Garner has done workshops for the RWA National conference on disability topics, diversity, as well for her local chapter of RWA where she is involved and has been the editor/agent coordinator for three years. Tracee has also taught How to Write the Novel, Romance Novel Writing and the Self Publishing Boot Camp within her alma mater’s workforce development section of the college’s offerings for almost 14 years. Visit Tracee at for more information.

Workshop Platform Groupsio
Workshop Cost $25 Non-Members/$20 Members
Registration Link

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