Workshop: PSYCHOLOGY 101 FOR WRITERS 02/01/2021 – 02/26/2021


Instructor Name Ivy Quinn
Workshop Start Date 02/01/2021
Workshop End Date 02/26/2021
Workshop Hosted By NEORWA Northeast Ohio RWA
About the Workshop


Psychology 101 for
writers presented by Ivy Quinn

Workshop Overview:

This workshop
focuses some basics in psychology. The first half will look at how to write
characters from neurodiverse backgrounds as well as those who deal with mental
illness with sensitivity and accuracy. The second half will look more deeply
into forensic psychology, how it ties into the legal system, and in how one can
use forensic psychology to help influence and shape their writing, especially
for individuals who may be writing romantic suspense.


Margaret Bates
was Magna Cum Laude in psychology as an undergraduate at Duke University.
During her undergraduate work, she spent six months as an intern at a state
hospital for schizophrenics in La Pa, Bolivia. During her graduate work, she
spent five years working toward a Ph.D. in developmental psychology with an
emphasis in autism intervention therapy and was everything but dissertation at
The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Currently, she is finishing her
Master’s thesis in industrial/organizational psychology at The University of
Baltimore with a focus on workplace ostracism and its effects on meaningfulness
in life and healthy psychological functioning.

Workshop Platform GroupsIO
Workshop Cost $20.00
Registration Link

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