Instructor Name Midnight Voss
Workshop Start Date 03/01/2021
Workshop End Date 03/26/2021
Workshop Hosted By NEORWA Northeast Ohio RWA
About the Workshop


Creating Unforgettable
Worlds: World-building in Speculative Fiction presented by Midnight Voss

Workshop overview:

For the writer of any genre of speculative fiction,
world-building can be the most vexing or the most rewarding aspect of writing.
How to build the world? What to do with all of these details? When to stop
building? How to make the world clear and alive for your reader without bogging
them down in details? All of these questions and more play a part as you,
author/god, create the world in which your characters live, love, act, and die.

In this workshop, you will learn the main strategies for
world-building, guiding principles that will keep your world building relevant
and lively for both you and the reader, and different methods for working
details about your world into your novel.

We’ll help you set up organization for your
world-building, in addition to providing a number of activities to flesh out
the culture and mechanics of how your world works.

Together, we can
create worlds that your readers won’t ever want to leave.


Voss has been writing stories since she was eight years old. More recently, she
has worked for several years as a successful ghostwriter and taught and worked
with writers on academic and personal projects for over a decade as an
instructor and a consultant. Together, she and Ivy Quinn co-authored a
dragon-shifter urban fantasy, Frozen
Ashes and Smoldering Shards
, which appeared in the USA Today Bestselling Sirens and Scales boxset. She prefers to
live in fantasy and dystopian worlds rather than contemporary and has taught
world-building classes for Maryland Romance Writers. Currently, she is
collaborating with Ivy on a revised and expanded edition of Frozen Ashes and starting Lavender Dusk, an f/f vampire series,
and an m/m and f/f “Southern Pack” shifter series through Sapphic Alliance

Workshop Platform GroupsIO
Workshop Cost $20.00
Registration Link

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