Workshop: MASTER CLASS: SENSORY JOURNALING 02/01/2021 – 02/12/2021


Instructor Name Pamela Moran
Workshop Start Date 02/01/2021
Workshop End Date 02/12/2021
Workshop Hosted By Writer University
About the Workshop

MASTER CLASS: Sensory Journaling

by Pamela Moran
February 1-12, 2021

Prerequisite: Must be prepared to write longhand instead of typing for as long as you’re able

Writers tend to live to live in their heads, in imaginary places, with imaginary people, and the real world simply gets in the way of creating. But grounding ourselves through our senses makes us more tuned into the now, and able to experience the world around us in a fuller, more satisfying way. Explore all five senses and inner awareness through a tactile, sensory journey via (as much as possible) pen and paper that will enhance your perceptions, your writing, and the connections readers feel toward your characters — ultimately enriching your storytelling. Encapsulating or sharing your writing is fine.

  • Become grounded in the ‘real’ world with guided journal prompts
  • Enrich your observation skills through sensory journaling
  • Immerse yourself in your POV character’s world
  • Check the list to ensure this person’s senses come through
  • Anchor your readers through the character’s perceptions
  • Connect deeper with your own senses to create richer scenes

A self-described “journal junkie,” Pamela Moran is also an author, photographer, artist, and astrologer. Living in a haunted house in the southern California mountains, she is never without a notebook and pen and always has a story to tell. Journaling has played a huge role in the creation of all her books, and been her companion in life’s major decisions. Since 2012, Pam has been helping writers discover their path to success through journaling.

$65 ($60 by check) at Register

Workshop Platform GroupsIO
Workshop Cost $65 ($60 by check)
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