Workshop: Prep for Nano the Bare Bones Way 10/04/2020 – 10/24/2020

Prep for Nano the Bare Bones Way

Instructor Name Catherine Chant
Workshop Start Date 10/04/2020
Workshop End Date 10/24/2020
Workshop Hosted By RWA Contemporary Romance Writers
About the Workshop Are you a plotter? A panster? A little of both? Have no idea yet? No matter what your writing style, the bare bones method of prepping for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November can help you do just enough prep work for your novel-writing adventure that you enter the challenge with a strong plan, but not so much pre-planning that it stifles your creativity or kills your enthusiasm for the project.

The bare bones method focuses on giving you a strong foundation on which to build your story, and also gives you a direction to head in once November 1 comes long. No more fearing that blank page. Now you’ll have a plan of attack!

This three-week workshop covers the following lesson topics:

Overview of the NaNoWriMo Challenge
Growing Your Story Idea
Getting to Know Your Main Character
Starting in the Right Place
Story High Points and Low Points
Scene Brainstorming from Your Character’s Point of View

Each lesson includes one or more exercises to reinforce the concepts discussed in the lesson, and individual feedback from the instructor is always provided.

About the Instructor:

Catherine Chant is a Romance Writers of America (RWA) Golden Heart® finalist. She writes rock ‘n’ roll romantic fiction and stories with paranormal twists for young adults.Catherine worked for 15 years as an IT computing & communication consultant at her alma mater Boston College before becoming a full-time writer. She teaches several online workshops for writers throughout the year and provides instructional articles on computing, gaming and crafts to different websites.

You can connect with Catherine at her website, on Twitter @Catherine_Chant, on Instagram Catherine_Chant, or on Facebook CatherineChantNovels.

Workshop Platform Closed forum
Workshop Cost $15 for CRW Members, $25 for RWA Members, or $35 for Non-RWA Members
Registration Link

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