Workshop: Inadvertent Mentors:  Stripping Others’ Published Work To Build A Genre Niche Template  of Your Own 09/01/ 2020 – 09/25/2020

Inadvertent Mentors: Stripping Others’ Published Work To Build A Genre Niche Template of Your Own

Instructor Name Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane, Nied Darnell, –
Workshop Start Date 09/01/2020
Workshop End Date 09/25/2020
Workshop Hosted By RWA Contemporary Romance Writers
About the Workshop Do you sometimes feel like banging your head against the wall or desk top (not the keyboard, we don’t want to hurt that!) in frustration because you’ve either received yet another rejection note or don’t know what your story is missing or where it’s going before you reach that stage?

Well, there’s a way to sort out the problem. It’s by doing that thing you might have hated being forced to do in school…particularly a college lit class.

By the way, I hated lit class, but bear with me here.

In this month-long workshop what we’ll be doing it looking at things from a different perspective than our professors ever required. Warning, though. This is not easy, it’s involved, but it’s worth it in the end.

Why? Well, because you’ll begin noting certain aspects that fall at particular places in the genre niche of your choice. Certain things that don’t repeat. You’ll find the cadence of not only plot and character, you’ll find the cadence of voice within the story.

Is it worth the time? Well, the way to discover that is to rework that story and submit it again. If a contract results – or if you’re Indie publishing bound, in more sales – then it most certainly is worth a month of ripping into things.

Only one request on what to bring to the workshop besides your enthusiasm and determination. That’s two recently published books that you really enjoyed, did well in the Amazon rankings, got the sort of reviews you’d like to snag, and yet weren’t written by someone with a long publishing history, or that NYT bestseller or Amazon #1 spot unless it was for their first or second book. We want to be discovering the current requirements for our genres, not those that belong in the past.

BIO: Beth Daniels writes under a lot of pseudonyms because she likes jumping from one genre to another, which means she’s torn down genre niches a lot!. She’s already logged 30 years as a published novelist, mostly in romantic-comedy, and recently began writing urban fantasy mystery comedy with The Raven Tales (first book in the series released October 2019). She also writes Weird West Steampunk and 1920s comedic Dieselpunk. Hasn’t given up contemporary romantic comedy, though, just slowed production on it. Find her at,,

Workshop Platform Closed forum
Workshop Cost $15 for CRW Members, $25 for RWA Members, or $35 for Non-RWA Members
Registration Link

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