Workshop: Story Bibles for Writers 09/03/2020 – 09/30/2020

Story Bibles for Writers

Instructor Name Joan Koster
Workshop Start Date 09/03/2020
Workshop End Date 09/30/2020
Workshop Hosted By Southern Tier Authors of Romance
About the Workshop Do you lose track of what you write? Can’t remember what color car the criminal was driving in your romantic suspense? Forgot the name of the tavern the coach stopped at in book 2 of your Regency trilogy? Can’t remember the skill set of each of the six demons in your paranormal series?

Are you always searching back and forth through your draft or last book for this bit of detail or that? Are you writing a series with shared characters and setting, or a complex novel with multiple characters, subplots, and setting details? Take a trick from screen writers and create a Story Bible as you write.

In this workshop, we will look at a variety of analog and digital frameworks for creating your own Story Bible and then proceed step-by-step through the process of creating the documents needed to keep track of all those pesky story details in your current or planned WIP. By the end of the workshop, you will have the beginning of your own personalized story Bible.


Joan Koster is an award-winning author who loves mentoring writers. Fascinated by history, fantasy, and romance, Joan blends those passions into historical novels about forgotten women. This workshop grew out of her frustration with the massive amount of research and world building she has done in her own writing, and her attempts to shoe box it into a usable format.

Her romantic thriller series written under the pen name Zara West, The Skin Quartet is published by Wild Rose Press . The second book in The Skin Quartet series, Close to the Skin, won first place in the Pages of the Heart and I Love Indie Contests, and second in the Rone Award. Her historical novels set during the Civil War have won first place in the Romance through the Ages contest, second in the Touch of Love, fifth in the FAB 5, and long-listed for the Mslexia Award.

Workshop Platform GroupsIO
Workshop Cost $25 RWA $30 Non-RWA
Registration Link

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