Workshop: How Clothes Worked 08/01/2020 – 08/31/2020

How Clothes Worked

Instructor Name Isobel Carr
Workshop Start Date 08/01/2020
Workshop End Date 08/31/2020
Workshop Hosted By The Beau Monde’s Regency Academe
About the Workshop How Clothes Worked
Instructor:Isobel Carr

Active Class Dates: 8/01/20 – 8/31/20
Cost: TBM Members: $25, Non-Members: $30
Registration closes August 4th, 2020.

Course Description

Image Heavy: Yes, this is essentially an image-based class.

Do you ever find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen while trying to picture exactly how your hero gets your heroine out of her dress and skivvies (is she even wearing skivvies; is skivvies a period word?). Does he undo a row of tiny pearl buttons (and did they have pearl buttons then?) or does he untie or unhook something (or does it unlace?)? Do her stays unhook in the front, or unlace in the back?

For answers to these questions, and many more (like, “Just what is the ‘fall’ on a pair of pantaloons, anyway?”) join author, re-enactor, and costume historian Isobel Carr to explore how the clothing of the extended Regency period (1800-1830) worked. Each day will begin with a message pertaining to a particular type of garment (or garments). There will be links within the messages that will show you extant garments, fashion plates, or reconstructed garments made from period patterns by experienced re-enactors and costume historians.

Isobel will also be available for discussions and questions about the item/s of the day, or any clothing bug-a-boo that’s been bothering you. Isobel has more than thirty years of living history experience (she grew up playing dress-up). She’s made and worn clothes from the Georgian/Regency era, including the stays, day dresses, ball gowns, and habits (ok, she was eight the last time she wore the habit, and her mom made it, but she still remembers wearing it!).

Don’t miss this month-long focus on the clothing of everyone’s favorite era!

Instructor Bio

Isobel Carris the best-selling author of the Georgian-set League of Second Sons series. She grew up participating in a wide variety of historical reenactment clubs, which has given her an unusually personal perspective on history, along with a deep knowledge of the history of clothing. Currently, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her Mastiff, Mycroft, in a 1916 bungalow that she has no time to restore.

Workshop Platform Closed bbpress forums on our site
Workshop Cost $25 TBM Members, $30 All others
Registration Link

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