Workshop: Planning Your Way From Beginning To End 07/06/2020 – 07/31/2020

Planning Your Way From Beginning To End

Instructor Name Laurie Sanders
Workshop Start Date 07/06/2020
Workshop End Date 07/31/2020
Workshop Hosted By OIRW – Outreach International Romance Writers
About the Workshop Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, creating a satisfying story requires forethought and planning. In this class, we’ll cover the elements that create a satisfying read.

A successful story must have both a conflict strong enough to believably keep the characters apart until the end and elements strong enough to unite the characters for the happily ever after to be believable. For many writers the land in between is a bit of a muddy bog.

In this class we’ll cover the types of conflicts and set ups that keep the characters apart and yet allow for the satisfying happily ever after at the end.

Whether one is a plotter or pantser there are certain turning points in the character’s relationship which convince the reader that the characters have 1) overcome the internal conflict that made them unwilling or unable to commit emotionally and/or physically 2) achieved the skills, knowledge, and insight to be able to maintain the happy ever after once it is achieved.

This is critically important as a miss on either of these creates a story that is less satisfying than it could be. We’ll learn to dot the I’s and cross the T’s and connect all the dots in between in this class which is about understanding the plot points in terms of their purpose in the crucial task of convincing the reader that the characters have overcome their internal conflicts and that the characters will be able to maintain their happy ever after. This understanding eliminates saggy middles and unsatisfying endings.

Workshop Platform
Workshop Cost OIRW Member $25| Non-Member $35
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