Workshop: Women at War 05/01/2020 – 05/31/2020

Women at War

Instructor Name Bill Haggart
Workshop Start Date 05/01/2020
Workshop End Date 05/31/2020
Workshop Hosted By The Beau Monde Chapter’s Regency Academe
About the Workshop Registration closes May 4th, 2020

This 4-week course is designed to provide writers with the historical
details and evocative stories that can fuel their historical novels,
particularly Regency Romances. To accomplish this, each lesson will
focus on one class of British women who participated in Napoleonic Wars,
examining the general experiences, military regulations governing
women’s participation on campaign.

There will be a number of period
pictures and documents included with descriptions provided.

1. Introduction

2. Officers’ Wives and their stories

3. NCO Wives and their stories

4. Enlisted Men’s Wives and their stories

5. Sutlers and Camp Followers and their stories

6. Spanish and Portuguese Women and their stories

7. In Uniform: Women Posing and fighting as Men and their stories

8. Conclusions, Slang and References

While the focus will be on British women and those who followed the
Peninsular and Waterloo armies, the similarities and differences found
in other European armies of the time will be explored, particularly the
army of England’s enemy, France. Participants are encouraged to ask
questions. There is a great deal more information available than can be
presented, but answers to questions may target some of that information.

Bill Haggart was an educator for forty years before retiring. He taught
high school Social Studies, before becoming an Educational trainer and
consultant. For over twenty years, he owned his own training and
consultant business, Insights & Innovations.
He has worked with over 180,000 educators nation-wide and 400 school
systems. The creator of the Kaleidoscope Profiles, a learning styles
inventory, he is also the author of several educational books and
articles. This is in addition to his historical articles in various

A history major in college, he loves all history, particularly the
Napoleonic war period and the society of the Regency. He began reading
historical romances and traditional Regencies decades ago, and finally
decided to write them, after being encouraged by Joy, his partner and
heroine for the last forty-two years.

Bill has two terrific sons, Sean and Cory: Sean was an engineer at
the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. The wheels on the Mars
Curiosity were designed by him. He is now working on electric airplanes.
Cory has his own successful public relations business. They both are
models for Bill’s heroes. Sean and his brilliant wife, Jenn have graced
Bill & Joy with two beautiful grandchildren.

He has been a member of RWA, a terrific local group, the Sacramento
Valley Rose as well as The Beau Monde for more than a decade. Over the
years, Bill has had entries place in over a dozen writing contests. His
novel, STEALING TIME, will be published in July. He loves talking about
history and writing. He has given well-received history workshops and
seminars on history and writing with the senses.

Bill was named The Beau Monde’s Teacher of the Year (an award
recognizing the presenter of the year’s favorite Regency Academe
workshop) in 2010, 2015, and 2016.

Workshop Platform Closed bbpress forums on our site
Workshop Cost $25 TBM Members, $30 All others
Registration Link

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