Workshop: Gay in Regency England: Lives, Loves, Legends, Laws and Legacies 06/01/2020 – 06/30/2020

Gay in Regency England: Lives, Loves, Legends, Laws and Legacies

Instructor Name Louisa Cornell
Workshop Start Date 06/01/2020
Workshop End Date 06/30/2020
Workshop Hosted By The Beau Monde Chapter’s Regency Academe
About the Workshop Registration closes June 4th, 2020

The class will present an extensive overview of the lives of gay men and
women beyond the threat of the gallows covering the laws, the vibrant
subculture, the forms and venues of their social lives, public beliefs
about homosexuality, the dangers, the tragedies and ultimate triumphs of
a population that included men and women from every walk of life and
social strata of the era.

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After retiring from a European career as an opera singer and returning to the United States, Louisa Cornell
took up her pen and set sail on her second career, but first love,
writing Regency romance. A two-time Golden Heart finalist, three-time
Daphne du Maurier winner, and four-time Royal Ascot winner-she is a
member of RWA, Southern Magic RWA, and the Beau Monde Chapter of RWA.
She is both indie published and published by Scarsdale Publishing.

In addition to allowing Louisa to travel the world, her opera career
opened her eyes to an entire world of people who were persecuted,
ostracized, and made to feel less than all for the people their hearts
led them to love. From playing the bisexual lead character in Alban
Berg’s opera Lulu to spending a great deal of time living, working,
traveling, and raising a tiny bit of hell with LGBTQIA singers,
musicians, dancers, dressers, makeup artists, directors, and conductors
she counts herself as the most fortunate of allies because she saw
firsthand the trials and triumphs of her friends’ lives and romances and
the unimaginable cruelty they endured all for love. Her very first
Regency romance includes a gay character whose plot line addresses some
of this cruelty. And to write it she began an obsession with research of
gay life during the Regency that continues to this day. She believes
those stories transcend time, they endure, and they need to be told with
all of the love, skill, appreciation, and knowledge beyond the
mythology as any other Regency romance.

Louisa was named one of The Beau Monde’s Teachers of the Year (an award
recognizing the presenter of the year’s favorite Regency Academe
workshop) in 2019.

Workshop Platform Closed bbpress forums on our site
Workshop Cost $25 TBM Members, $30 All others
Registration Link

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