Workshop: Lab errors and how to prevent them in novels 05/18/2020 – 05/22/2020

Lab errors and how to prevent them in novels

Instructor Name Marie Johnston
Workshop Start Date 05/18/2020
Workshop End Date 05/22/2020
Workshop Hosted By RWA Contemporary Romance Writers
About the Workshop Want to write a character who works in a lab but don’t know where to start? Is your setting based in a lab but don’t know if they should wear lab coats and gloves all the time or only when they’re working? Do the doctors and nurses in your books run their own lab tests? (Tip: most don’t.) Don your lab coats, glove up, and take a quick and dirty lab tour with me as I cover types of labs, educations required for lab testing, basic testing and turn-around-time, and highlight where it can all go wrong.


Marie Johnston writes paranormal and contemporary romance. Before she was a writer, she was a microbiologist. Depending on the situation, she can be oddly unconcerned about germs or weirdly phobic. She’s also a licensed medical technician and has worked as a public health microbiologist and as a lab tech in hospital and clinic labs. Marie’s been a volunteer EMT, a college instructor, a security guard, a phlebotomist, a hotel clerk, and a coffee pourer in a bingo hall. All fodder for a writer!! She has four kids, even more cats, and a real life happily ever after.

Workshop Platform Closed forum
Workshop Cost $15 for CRW Members, $25 for RWA Members, or $35 for Non-RWA Members
Registration Link

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