Workshop: Villains: The Too Often Forgotten Character 03/30/2020 – 03/30/2026

Villains: The Too Often Forgotten Character

Instructor Name Mary Buckham
Workshop Start Date 03/30/2020
Workshop End Date 03/30/2026
Workshop Hosted By
About the Workshop A poorly developed villain weakens your protagonist as well as the story.
Too many writers spend all of their time on every other aspect of their stories, then write what they consider is the consummate bad guy and wonder why their stories fall flat. They forget that their second-most important character has not been fleshed out enough to create drama for your protagonists.
In this class:

  • We’ll explore degrees of villainy to see what works for your stories.
  • We’ll examine four qualities of a Strong Villain.
  • Understand the whys of villains without neutering them.
  • Discover the difference between Villains and Anti-heroes.
  • learn the differences between Sociopaths and Psychopaths.

Remember: Your Protagonist can only be as strong as the villain they face.

Workshop Platform Teachable
Workshop Cost $19
Registration Link

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