Workshop: Mastering the 11 Stages of a Powerful Plot 09/15/2020 – 10/08/2020

Mastering the 11 Stages of a Powerful Plot

Instructor Name Mary Buckham
Workshop Start Date 09/15/2020
Workshop End Date 10/08/2020
Workshop Hosted By
About the Workshop Mastering the 11 Stages of a Powerful Plot

Discover how your characters and their conflicts drive your plots, AND the 11 key stages that MUST be included in your commercial fiction story.

What if you could nail your plotting before you even begin? And be certain that you could pull a story together at any point? Get unstuck and know that your story would never loose direction?

That would mean you could have the focus to finish your story, or stories, or be 100% prepared for the next story. You could…

· Master character driven plotting

· Start new projects with confidence

· Submit your work to agents and editors sooner

Master Plotting in my exclusive, live, 4-week Break Into Fiction® Power Plotting Webinar:

8 intensive 90-minute live lectures covering the 11 critical elements of plot structure with time to ask questions directly to Mary!

All of the sessions will be yours to watch in replay for a full six months after the webinar ends

This is your opportunity to work with Mary live in 2020

Mary Buckham

USA Today bestselling author, Mary Buckham writes the best selling WRITING ACTIVE series for writers – WRITING ACTIVE SETTING and WRITING ACTIVE HOOKS. She is also the co-author of BREAK INTO FICTION® with NYT author Dianna Love and has taught online and live writing workshops to writers of all genres around the US and Canada.

Mary doesn’t just teach writers though, she practices what she preaches, writing Urban Fantasy w/attitude. Love romance, danger & kick-ass heroines? Find it in her Alex Noziak or Kelly McAllister series!

Workshop Platform Webinarjam
Workshop Cost $475 single payment or 12 – $44 monthly payments
Registration Link

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