Workshop: Writing Reverse Harem Romance – A STAR exclusive 04/02/2020 – 03/26/2020

Writing Reverse Harem Romance – A STAR exclusive


Instructor Name Serena Lindahl
Workshop Start Date 04/02/2020
Workshop End Date 03/26/2020
Workshop Hosted By Southern Tier Authors of Romance
About the Workshop

Reverse Harem Romances have become the new buzzword in romance. But what are they and how do you break into this lucrative market? This online course will teach you what they are, where reverse harems originated from, and give you pointers on what to do and what not to do when writing one. It may be exhausting remembering where all those arms and legs go and keeping every personality distinct, but it’s necessary if you want to provide readers with your version of an “anti-love-triangle”. So, if your goal is to write a reverse harem or if you are just interested in what the fuss is all about, enroll in this online workshop to get all the details!

About Serena Lindahl

Serena Lindahl has self-published 11 books, 8 of which are reverse harem. Her reverse harem debut novel, Pieces of Her Soul, has sold over 2000 copies and has over 3 million page reads on Kindle Unlimited. The trilogy placed at #4 in Amazon’s Romantic Fantasy category and reached the top 200 of all books for sale in the entire Amazon library several times during its release. She loves the genre and has identified as polyamorous for over 10 years – which is obviously not a requirement but it does give her first-hand experience. Writing has been a work of passion and joy for her since second grade when she completed her first short story.

Workshop Platform
Workshop Cost $25 RWA members $30 non-members
Registration Link


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