Workshop: Making It Pretty – Part One (Weeks one thru four) 03/02/2020 – 03/27/2020

Making It Pretty – Part One (Weeks one thru four)

Instructor Name Kayleigh Sky
Workshop Start Date 03/02/2020
Workshop End Date 03/27/2020
Workshop Hosted By Yosemite Romance Writers (YRW) , RWA Chapter
About the Workshop ** Permission to Forward Granted and Appreciated **

Quality editing is an often expensive, but necessary, cost of business for indie authors; however, even traditionally published authors are confronting the need for upfront editing. You don’t want your name on the cover of a poorly edited book, but editing is costly. So what if you could reduce your investment by doing some of your own editing? What if you could give yourself the competitive edge you need to grab the interest of an agent or acquisitions editor? Well, you can. By applying what you learn in this workshop, you can elevate your manuscript to the top of the slush pile or leapfrog over developmental and content edits right to line edits and proofreading. Sound like a good idea? Then let’s dive in.

Week One

  • Introductions) for my book
  • Pantsing or Plotting – Who cares and does it matter?
  • The Read Through

Week Two

  • The Big Picture

Week Three

  • A Big Decision

Week Four

  • Chapters
  • Scenes


  • Books
  • Editing software
  • Writing tools
  • Blogs and newsletters


In this workshop you will learn the different components of story, how they fit into an exciting, coherent, and emotionally satisfying whole, how to avoid common problems and mistakes, how to polish your story until it shines, and where to find the tools and resources to make your job easier. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to thoroughly and effectively self-edit a completed manuscript.

Each topic will include a written lecture, with examples where appropriate, and a list of resources. (A summary of resources will be provided at the end of the workshop as well.) Each weekly lesson will conclude with a checklist of points to remember and suggestions and/or prompts for practice.

My name is Kayleigh Sky. I’m a hybrid author, published with Pride Publishing and my own imprint, Kiss Drunk Books. I write mm romance and gay fiction in a variety of subgenres and was nominated as a finalist in the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards (Gay Romance ) for my book
No Luck. I also own Story Smitten, an editing service for romance authors. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, Rainbow Romance Writers, and the Bay Area Editors Forum. In 2018, I earned a certificate in Copyediting from the UC San Diego Extension.

Workshop Platform
Workshop Cost $20 YRW members; $25 non-members; Including April: $30 YRW members; $35 non-members
Registration Link

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